About the district


Bogorodsky City District is one of the most attractive municipalities in the Moscow Region in terms of doing business, developing production and investment projects.


The district is one of the most economically developed municipalities in the Moscow region. According to the results of 2017, Bogorodsky city district (Noginsky municipal district) took the 2nd place among the municipalities of the Moscow region in terms of goods shipped in the field of industrial production and 13th place in terms of the volume of investments in fixed assets.

The structure of shipped goods of own production, performed works and services in the district in accordance with the All-Russia Classifier of Types of Economic Activity (OKVED) includes 16 sections, the prevailing of which (79.5%) is the “manufacturing” section. In addition to manufacturing, the following sections are presented: transportation and storage (4.5%), provision of electric energy, gas and steam (3.7%), wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles (2.3%), healthcare and the provision of social services (1.9%), agriculture, hunting, fishing and fish farming (1.5%), hotel and catering activities (1.3%), water supply and sanitation (0.9%), real estate operations, rent and provision of services (0.8%), scientific and technical activities (0.6%), construction (0.6%), education (0.4%), cultural activities (0.1%), and others.

The economic potential of the district is formed, first of all, by industry: chemical production, food production, including drinks, rubber and plastic products, other non-metallic mineral products, electrical equipment, electronic and optical equipment, etc.

The leading positions in the structure of industrial production are taken by manufacturing. Their share in the total volume of shipped industrial products is 94.6%, they take 79.2% from the total amount of workers in industrial production.

One of the founders of Russian pharmaceutical industry, «HFK AKRIKHIN JSC », which is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies in the production of affordable, effective and high-quality drugs, is one of the top 5 largest local pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of sales and production volume in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

The multifunctional parks «Bogorodsky», which ranks the top 5 largest production parks in the country, «Uspensky» and Industrial Warehouse Complex «Atlant-Park» continue to develop.

On the territory of the Bogorodsky Industrial Park there are 10 manufacturing enterprises, 4 shopping malls, 2 logistics centers, a warehouse complex, 2 automobile service complexes, a gas station, a distribution center and a fast food restaurant.

In 2017, on the territory of the Bogorodsky Industrial Park:

  • completed construction:
  • furniture hypermarket RAUM;
  • zippers factory UKK LLC;
  • construction continued:
  • Pharmalact LLC, a production and storage complex of breast milk substitutes, the grand opening of which is scheduled for May 16, 2018;
  • Scania-Rus LLC, truck service station, the grand opening of which is scheduled for May 20, 2018.

Construction of the multifunctional production and logistics complex Allegra, in the amount of 8 small and medium-sized enterprises continues with the commissioning in 2018-2020.

Currently, a third industrial zone has been formed within 60 hectares in the eastern zone of the park, where, together with the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region, it is planned to locate a production and educational institution for training professional personnel, as well as 15 production enterprises with an estimated investment volume up to 4 billion rubles.

A special area of the Bogorodsky industrial park is a codecision with the Russian Railways to commission the transport and logistics complex as part of the construction of the high-speed rail network, as well as the placement of social and cultural facilities (factory housing estates, kindergartens, schools).

There are 4 production enterprises, 2 logistics centers, a sale service center, technical and warranty car service and an agricultural organization on the territory of the multifunctional park "Uspensky".

In 2017 on the territory of the Multifunctional park "Uspensky".:


expansion of existing production of hygiene products “Ontex RU”;

construction of the 2nd stage of the production and warehouse complex of “Agricultural complex Noginsky” CJSC;


construction of the 1st stage of the administrative-warehouse complex of “VS-Logistic” LLC;

construction of the 1st stage of the warehouse complex “Oranta+ Company” LCC;

construction of a production and warehouse complex “Resurs” LLC.

On the territory of the production and warehouse complex “Atlant-Park” 51 tenants are located.

In 2017, in the territory of the Atlant-Park production and warehouse complex:

completed the construction of a warehouse complex for shelving with built-in technical premises “G7.1”;

The construction of a warehouse complex for rack storage with built-in technical premises “G7.24” continued;

The construction of a warehouse complex for shelving with built-in technical premises “G9” was started.

Near Elektrougli city, work was begun on the creation of the Vostochny industrial park, which, together with the construction of a modern terminal and logistics center “Obltransterminal” LLC will serve the integrated development of the district as a whole, create new jobs and increase revenues at all levels of the budget.

Completed construction on the territory of M-7 Retail-Park:

two-way interchange via the Volga federal highway M7;

"Decathlon" sports goods hypermarket.

On the territory of the Bogorodsky urban district agricultural products are produced by: “Noginskoye” CJSC, “Elota” LLC, and “Kudinovo Agro-Industrial Holding” LLC, which specialize in dairy farming and crop production. “Biserovsky Fish Plant” OJSC is engaged in fish farming, “Cobb-Russia” LLC - in breeding poultry farming, “JV Zatishie” LLC - in the production and sale of roughage, SE “K (F) H “Strikh A.V.”- in crop production, “ Moscow "for breeding" OJSC - the production of bull breeding.

The problem of food safety and import substitution is of particular importance for representatives of the agricultural sector. With the introduction of Russian sanctions on the import of a number of food products, the district agricultural producers received an excellent incentive to develop their production.

The consumer market of the Bogorodsky city district is characterized as stable and sustainable, having a rather high degree of commodity saturation and positive development dynamics.

According to the results of 2017, the Bogorodsky city district (Noginsky municipal district) took 4th place in the Moscow region in terms of retail sales.

The tendency to open and expand modern multifunctional shopping complexes, aimed at a wide range of visitors and offering retail, catering, as well as personal services, continues. There is the largest hypermarket- “Metro” -operates in the district. In 2017, the RAUM hypermarket was opened.

There are socially oriented stores in the district, which sell goods included in the consumer basket of a resident of the Moscow Region, with a minimum trade margin.