"Bogorodsky" SE

"Bogorodsky" SE with a territory of 256 hectares is located on the territory of Noginsk, has a modern autonomous system: its own gas generating station, heat and water supply, its own sewage treatment plants, sewage utilities, transport infrastructure inside and out, internal control and security system of the facility. In the future - the development of social infrastructure: the construction of a multifunctional building with a hotel, conference rooms, modern meeting rooms and a fitness center, guest parking for 200 cars, construction of a cottage village near the industrial park. The infrastructure of the park is managed by the management company Park Noginsk LLC. Available area of 121 hectares. The fundamental factor in the development of the park was the involvement of powerful, reputable companies in the business community as the first participants in the park, which have already proved their worth and can act as anchor companies. Such a function in the formation of the park was performed by such enterprises as the Metro Verhouse Noginsk company (Germany), the Hübner company (Germany) and the Roto Frank (Germany). The exact choice of an anchor company is the main task of the developer, as this is a kind of chain reaction to attract new members of the cluster, which happened during the formation of Bogorodsky SE. On the territory of Bogorodsky SE there are 32 residents, of which there are: 10 production enterprises (PERI LLC, Roto Frank LLC, Hübner LLC, Meffert Production LLC, Covestro CJSC, Quick Mix CJSC, Oriflame Products LLC , Hlebprom LLC, Vilo Rus LLC, UKK LLC);  3 shopping malls (Dorinda CJSC, Mebelgood Shopping Center, Leroy Merlin LLC); 2 logistics centers (Metro Verhouse Noginsk LLC, Oriflame Cosmetics LLC); warehouse complex (METTEM-Technology CJSC); gas station (LUKOIL - Centernefteproduct LLC); distribution center (TTS Tultechnic Systems LLC); fast food restaurant (McDonalds); 2 car service complexes (NORAVTO.RUS LLC, FEYMONVIL RUS LLC). In 2015, the following facilities were commissioned in the park: the production and logistics complex of the Swedish company Oriflame for the production of personal hygiene products, hair care products and roller deodorants; I-type wooden beam production line of PERI LLC; center for the repair of heavy equipment Femonville Russia LLC; complex for the production of public transport components HYUBNER LLC. In June 2016, the opening ceremony of the “Vilo Rus” Plant, a subsidiary of the German concern WILO SE for the production and supply of modern pumping equipment, took place. The construction of the multifunctional production and logistics complex Allegra is continuing, on the territory of which it is planned to place industrial enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses. The total investment in the development of the Bogorodsky park from 2006 to the present has amounted to about 2 billion euros. The park has created more than 6,000 jobs, of which only over the past 2 years - about 500 new jobs appeared.

Head position: 
General Director of Park Noginsk LLC
Full name of the head: 
Kartsov Oleg Vasilievich
Address of organization ( Legal / Actual ): 
Moscow region, Noginsk district, the territory of "Noginsk-Technopark"
Phone, fax : 
(495) 287-16-35 (495) 287-16-36
The name of the management company: 
Park Noginsk LLC OGRN: 1047796332913 TIN: 7702524223 RRC: 503101001
Number of residents: 
Area, ha : 
Type park : 
индустриальный парк
Type SP by ownership form: 

Stage of infrastructure preparation:

The distance to the nearest settlement , km: 
Ногинск - 0
The distance to the regional center , km: 
Krasnogorsk, 68
The distance to the MKAD , km: 
Name of the nearest federal highway and the distance to it , km: 
M7 Volga - 0 MMK - 1.0 ММК - 1,0
Name of the nearest regional road and the distance to it , km: 
"Aksenovo-Kolontaevo" - 0

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